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Proven Hair Loss Remedies

from: William R. Nabaza of

Hair loss remedies become more and more popular these days since most men find healthy hair important.. The number of hair loss products on the market is numerous. Most of us prefer to use over-the-counter products, but it is not advisable to utilize the products without consulting your health care professional. The reason for this is that some remedies have side effects or cause irreversible harm.

Medications like Propecia, which are used as hair loss remedies can cause fetal anomalies if used in pregnant women. Hence it is advisable to avoid propecia if you are pregnant (propecia by the way is not recommended for women at all!). Not only in women, but also in men propecia causes side effects. In men, Propecia may cause lack of sex drive and impotency as serious side effects. Among the available hair loss remedies, Rogaine is used extensively by many people. This drug is also used for treating high blood pressure.

In order to get good results, it is always advisable to use either Propecia or Rogaine for at least 3 months. Since these hair loss remedies are having each their own side effects, please consult or get an opinion from your health care professional about your health before taking the medication. The most commonly used hair loss remedies are Viviiscal, Nisiim, Tricomin, and Revivogen.

Viviscal treats hair loss by avoiding thinning of hair. It is available in form of tablets and lotion. Nisim promotes healthy hair growth. Tricomin pours the nutrient copper directly to the follicle to kindle the growth of healthy hair. The main action of the Revivogen is blocking the DHT in the scalp and strengthening hair follicles. Another important hair loss remedy is Hair Genesis, a product that contains natural DHT blocker, saw palmetto.

The best hair loss remedies available for women are Hair Genesis and Hair Renew because other remedies will result in excessive hair growth on other parts of the body. Hair Renew is available in topical form, which nourishes the hair follicles and cleanses the scalp apart from neutralizing DHT. This product is unique because it is non-alcoholic, 100% drug free, and free from side effects.

Other hair loss remedies such as natural remedies, Ayurvedha, and Siddha have been used extensively to get rid of hair loss. Food containing a lot of amino acids and proteins have to be included in a dietary pattern of the hair losing individuals as a natural remedy. Folligen Hair loss Treatment with copper peptides is also one out of the many hair loss remedies. Hair follicles receive nutrient copper through supplements to gain healthy and rich hair. Both men and women can use Hair energizer. The hair energizer kit which is used as a hair loss remedy is readily available as 15 ml Jojoba oil, shampoo, 15 ml Jojoba oil, spray, and 0 tablets vitamins and Minerals.

About the author:

None----- William Nabaza of specializes in domains, webhosting, webmaster's tools, netpreneur's articles and resources. Stands out as a freebie provider, business opportunity provider and the like. Visit his site at or contact him directly at Beauty, Personal Development and Hair Care readings located here

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