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Fight Fatigue with this Natural Remedy

from: Kevin Sheldon

Most doctors agree that non-specific fatigue can be exacerbated by modern diets rich in fats and refined carbohydrates. For a graphic example of this, you only have to watch 'Supersize Me' - the Documentary about what happens if you eat nothing but fast food for a month. Additionally, drugs, coffee (caffeine products), smoking and alcohol can make the problem even worse, even though most of these are usually thought of as 'stimulants'. If untreated, chronic fatigue can lead on to much worse conditions such as anemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and even cancer.

So how can one avoid fatigue, without resorting to un-natural stimulants? Here's a natural remedy you can try. The herbs ginseng, lavender, rosemary and sweet flag can all help raise your energy levels naturally. Combine these with vitamin B complexes, vitamins C and D, as all of these have been known to help fight fatigue. The remedy is also improved by the addition of vitamin A, pantothenic acid, B12, folic acid, C, E, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Finally, the most remedies involve a little exercise, and this is no exception. If you can't get a sweat up physically for any reason, try salt-glow skin rubs, or alternate hot and cold showers (not too hot or too cold, mind!).

A little of this remedy should soon get you back into peak form again!

About the Author

Kevin writes remedy articles for the site full of tips and free articles on natural remedies

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