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How to Cure Allergy Naturally?

from: Balaji B

When the immune system in our body finds or realizes anything as foreign to the body, it immediately releases some antibodies like histamines to fight against the foreign substance. This causes inflammation which is called allergy in our body.

There are many natural remedies for allergies available. Although natural remedies are easily available without prescription, it is better to consult a doctor before to take up any medicine as a remedy for allergies.

When a person is taking natural remedies or any other medicines for allergies, it is better to concentrate on the environment in which they live. Avoid moist environments. Moist environments aid the growth of molds that are one of the causes of allergies. Cleanliness of the beds and the carpet plays an important role in treating allergies. Food restrictions also help in treating the allergies well. Certain types of foods should be avoided and certain foods can be taken. A proper nutritional supplement to aid the treatment is also recommended.

Foods like wheat and chocolates cause allergy symptoms like headaches which can also be migraine in nature. Hay fever, hives, childhood allergies, asthma, and eczema are also caused by such foods. Garlic and Onion can be taken daily to treat allergies. It is found that these herbs contain Quercitin which is effective in curing allergies. This is found to reduce the production of histamine that causes allergies in us. Green tea extract which is rich in phytonutrients is used to ward off cellular attacks. It is an excellent anti bacterial and is used to cut down the cholesterol level and to regulate the blood sugar.

Bromelain is used to assist in digestion of vegetable protein. Papain contains an enzyme that breaks down protein is effective in curing allergies. The acidic stage of the allergic reactions can be controlled effectively with Magnesium (Citrate). This is also used in treating asthma which has strong bonding with allergies. Calcium (Citrate) which balances the acid and the alkaline levels in our body is good in curing allergies. Calcium also reduces the production of histamine in our body.

Air filters and dehumidifiers can be used to prevent mold that is present in the humid environments. It is known that onions, garlic, and citrus fruits contain natural antihistamines. Having these would help you prevent and cure allergies. Natural nasal rinses are also available for treating allergies. Allergy can be controlled with the help for a proper diet. You have to note down the food items that are taken by you. Avoiding certain foods and taking some foods would help you in controlling the allergies.

Certain food supplements would also help in treating allergies positively. Natural antihistamines are taken to control allergy. You should know that the histamine released by our immune system is responsible for the allergic reaction. It is also better to know what leads to allergies. It is found that in babies the eating habits during the first year play an important role in a baby's sensitivity to allergy. Lack of breast feeding and feeding babies with solid food too early may lead to such conditions.

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