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Press Release


Sinus Buster Natural Pepper Nasal Spray Launches New and Improved Formula

Press Release

Sinus Buster all natural hot pepper,(Capsaicin) based nasal spray has already been embraced by chronic sinus and headache sufferers around the world, but now this unique formula is even more effective against migraines, clusters, sinus headaches, and chronic congestion. Today, SiCap Industries officially launched the new and improved version of their breakthrough product known as "The Sinus Buster".

Altamont, NY July 6, 2004 -- Known as perhaps the best headache remedy in the world, all natural Sinus Buster Capsaicin nasal spray is now 25% more effective with the launch of their long awaited "new and improved" formula. Known as the world's first nasal spray made with natural hot pepper extract, the Sinus Buster has been embraced by many doctors as a true breakthrough for treating migraine, cluster, and sinus related headaches. Officials at SiCap Industries, makers of the Sinus Buster, say this new formula can stop most headaches in under 30 seconds.

"We've spent the last six months improving the best qualities of our formula. First, we found a way to increase the efficiency of our natural pepper extracts without significantly increasing the bite. This allows the formula to work even faster on migraines, clusters, and sinus headaches. For headaches near the front of your head and behind your eyes, this new formula spells near instant relief every time you use it. In fact we've been testing it on a group of regular users for the past few months, and in terms of percentages, the new formula seems to be at least 25 percent more effective than the original sinus buster against both headaches and sick sinus symptoms. We already had the most effective sinus headache remedy ever with the original sinus buster, but now we think we have the ultimate sinus buster, and we're very excited to finally introduce it into the marketplace," says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries and inventor of the original Sinus Buster formula.

Perry claims the new formula tackles some of the challenges associated producing an all natural liquid supplement. He says the new formula extends shelf life without introducing any man made preservatives found in most so-called "natural products". Perry also claims the new formula is designed to carry the capsaicin farther back through the nasal passages and into the sinus cavities.

"We've upgraded our eucalyptus oil and changed a few of the controls we use to mix the active solution. This allows the eucalyptus to act as an even more effective carrier for the capsaicin. So although you do get a slightly more powerful bite, the capsaicin has been increased only in near microscopic proportions. The biggest change is that the capsaicin is actually being delivered more efficiently," Perry adds.

Comparing the bite of the new and old formulas is a very subjective experience because both solutions feel almost equally powerful. The difference in the two formulas (however slight), would be that the new formula delivers a cleaner and longer lasting effect, and it also delivers a more brilliant burst of energy due to the triggering effect it has on the body to release natural endorphins. Both formulas will make your eyes water, and both will stomp on a headache fast, but the new formula definitely works faster. Furthermore, the new formula knocks out nasal congestion far more effectively than the old version. It also appears to take less of the new Sinus Buster to do the same job as the old Sinus Buster formula.

As far as the actual bite of the pepper extract, the new Sinus Buster formula feels stronger, but not over the top. It's similar to the difference between a 400 horsepower motor and a 450 horsepower motor, both have awesome power, but the 450 HP version is just a bit more powerful. This is due mainly to a change in the combination of natural pepper extracts used in the new formula. Wayne Perry claims the company has spent much time and money figuring out ways to get the most medicinal benefits from the capsaicin.

"We've tweaked the combination of pepper extracts we use to deliver a better all around pain stopping effect. Believe me, nothing relieves a headache or congestion like this sinus buster formula. The old formula has always been awesome, but the new version simply takes the cake," boasts Perry.

Perry also says the new formula addresses some of the issues related to bottling a totally natural product, and the length of time that the product is at its most effective. While developing the formula, SiCap researchers took great pains to increase shelf life effectiveness through completely natural methods.

"We decided to make the switch to a very expensive organic rosemary extract along with increasing its parts per million ratio to better uphold the integrity of the formula. When used properly, rosemary extract is one of the best all natural preservatives known. It especially works well when you're dealing with essential oils and natural resins in a liquid mixture. We've looked into using other preservatives commonly used in other so-called natural products, but the truth is those preservatives contain compounds that frankly work against the benefits of our pepper extract. We refuse to USE anything but completely natural food grade ingredients. After all, I use this stuff too and I'm not putting anything in my nose that isn't all natural and safe," adds Perry.

SiCap Industries prides itself on being a microbrewer of sorts. Instead of making vast quantities of Sinus Buster designated for surplus storage, SiCap produces their formula in fresh batches on a bi-monthly basis. The company's philosophy is one of hand crafted old world excellence, a philosophy that shines through when you try your first shot of the Sinus Buster.

"The secret of intranasal capsaicin is that so little active ingredient is actually needed, and when you're dealing with totally natural ingredients, the pepper resins are susceptible to a certain amount of oxidation once the bottle has been open for awhile. So with the old formula, within three months after opening the bottle some people might experience a slight weakening of the pepper bite. The effectiveness of the formula actually remains about the same, yet there is a psychological factor since some users may believe it won't be as effective if the bite is lessened. The other thing is that when you're dealing with hot pepper extract, the average user will get used to the bite and believe it's weakened when actually it hasn't. Of course this all depends on how a person stores their sinus buster and how tightly they close the top between uses. Our formula is full of anti-oxidants and anti-microbial compounds so it doesn't go bad at all, but the stability of the pepper bite still relies heavily on storage factors because of the small amount used. With our new formula, by increasing the rosemary and vitamin C, and by modifying our temperature controls during the mixing process, we've found a way to increase the shelf life of an open bottle by as much as 50 percent. So once opened, the pepper bite remains fully effective for up to six months and possibly beyond," Perry explains.

In the fall, SiCap plans on introducing a metered dose version of their Sinus Buster in addition to the original bottle which will continue to be their top seller. The newer bottle will be an upright closed top atomizer, and marketed mainly for allergy sufferers. Although one advantage of the closed top atomizer is the fact that air is never introduced to the formula, officials at SiCap say there are also some downfalls.

"It's a give and take thing. The closed sprayer naturally extends shelf life by at least double, but it only delivers a metered dose in a fine mist spray. This seems to work well for typical allergy sufferers, but for chronic headaches and sinus infections, a pre-metered mist just doesn't do the job the way the original spray bottle does. The original bottle does have the disadvantage of taking in air when the bottle is squeezed and released, but it's far more versatile for most users once they learn how to control the bottle. When you first open it, the bottle is full and it can fire a solid stream into the nasal cavity. The harder you squeeze, the bigger the burst. As it empties, you may have to tilt the bottle upward to continuously get the bursting stream spray effect, but you quickly learn how to position the bottle for your desired effect. The other thing is that this bottle can also be used to deliver a light mist spray depending on how hard you squeeze it, and how you position the bottle. People with chronic headaches and sinus congestion rarely need the same dosage every time. So they would probably get little relief from the fine mist application, but the original bottle gives them true versatility in dosage and application. For instance, the fine mist doesn't help my cluster headaches the way the original bottle does. When I have an attack, sometimes I need to be able to spray a long burst very far into my nose to get rid of the headache. You just can't do that with the fine mist applicator. So that's why we'll continue to focus our main attention on marketing the original bottle, while the newer one will be offered as an alternative," Perry explains.

All in all, the Sinus Buster has the same aromatic qualities as the old formula, but there's a more intensified aroma of eucalyptus with an extra hint of citrus and rosemary. The new Sinus Buster is definitely a more exhilarating experience, and it seems to leave your nasal passages feeling even more satisfied than the old formula. Once the initial bite wears off (usually about 5 seconds), the warm sensation of pepper combines with the cooling sensation of eucalyptus to create an incredibly refreshing and lasting feeling.

"Our long time regular users will merely notice a cleaner fresher sensation in taste and aroma. We also use a very pure Aloe Vera gel that moisturizes the nasal passages leaving you with a crisp and clean healthy feeling. I've been using nothing but the new formula for about three months now, and it's just fantastic. Usually I have to fight a sinus cluster headache cycle every summer, and with the old formula I could fight it off, but when it's really humid I'd have to use it sometimes every 20 minutes. But with the new formula, I've warded off my summer attacks pretty much instantly, and a couple good doses daily seem to be preventing my headaches more than ever. We're always striving to improve our product line, and with this new formula I believe we've got it almost perfect. There's no sinus headache remedy that even comes close to the sinus buster. There never has been, and now with the new formula, we're years ahead of the pack," Perry exclaims.

To find out more about The Sinus Buster, the world's first capsaicin (hot pepper) nasal spray, visit the company website at (

Media kits and samples are available for verified media and medical personnel upon request.

Contact via email at (
or call SiCap Industries direct at (518) 861-5216.

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