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Insomnia Cure - How I Did It

from: GiGi Konwin

Chances are, if you are suffering from insomnia or have other sleep problems, you've already read plenty of articles about cures for insomnia.

Sound Advice?

The advice in those articles seemed like sound advice:

" Keep your bedroom cool " Remove distractions " Try to establish a consistent routine " Limit alcohol and caffeine, etc.

But somehow that advice hasn't worked for you. Why?

The Drug Cycle

If you're like me, you have an Ambien (or some other sleeping pill) prescription that you try not to abuse. So you cut the pill in half and limit how often you take it. Every once in a while, after a few days of sleepless nights, you take a half - it feels so good to have a full night's sleep, even if it IS drug-induced. You swear you'll wait a while to take another but the next night you have problems falling asleep BECAUSE you took the Ambien the night before. And so the cycle begins all over again. Sound familiar?

A Solution

Is there a way to break the drug cycle? Is there a natural cure for insomnia that really works? For me, it came in an e-book written by Kacper Postawski. Finally, a way to break the sleeping pill cycle using natural methods. Many of his suggestions were common sense theories I had heard before, but some were new to me.

What's Different?

What's different about this book is that the sleep cycle is fully explained in a way that makes sense. You not only learn what happens in your body during the sleep cycle, but also why certain activities you do affect your sleep patterns. This is powerful information. Why? Because now you have the tools to get off those pills forever!

Imagine how good it would feel to WELCOME going to bed at night instead of dreading the endless tossing and turning?

Let's Get Real

Do I sleep soundly every night? No, of course not. There are nights I still toss and turn, but now I know why. I'm simply NOT applying the techniques I've learned from his book. So it's an easy fix to remedy the problem and get back on track. I can restfullysay that I am off the Ambien and feeling much better.

An Added Bonus

Many of the recommendations in this book will also improve other areas in your life because they are good for your overall health. You may choose not to follow some of the recommendations, but you only have yourself to blame if you don't get a good night's sleep.

If you are serious about finally breaking your insomnia habit once and for all, I urge you to take a look at this powerful book. Click on the link below and you'll get two free chapters!
About the Author

GiGi Konwin has a website promoting natural cures for insomnia. Get two free chapters of the powerful ebook by clicking here: Powerful Sleep


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