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Ulcerative Colitis and IBD

from: S Joseph

Ulcerative Colitis: Due to the regular nature of human digestion and the essential function of digestion for human survival, it can be very difficult for the sores associated with ulcerative colitis to heal once they have become irritated and inflamed. The most favorable course of action is to simply change one's diet, experimenting with different food to find a range of foods that do not exacerbate the colitis, while still offering enough nutritional value for a healthy life. For more information on diets for people with colitis, visit Some people with colitis choose to manage their symptoms with natural alternative to conventional medicine. Most of these approaches are centered around increasing the sufferers intake of: -Herbs, such as aloe and ginsing -Vitamin supplements, primarily vitamin D and B vitamins -Specially formulated diet that focus on probiotics for a healthy gut Other methods available include: -Reflexology (the stimulation of sensitive areas like the feet hands and ears) -Chiropractic therapy If these approaches do not work, then more invasive forms of therapy may have to be utilized. Unfortunately both medication and surgery are a necessary resort for some sufferers, although under ideal circumstances, diet and exercise are unquestionably the preferred approach. Due to the serious nature of ulcerative colitis, it is extremely important to consult your doctor for the purposes of continued assessment of your condition. Even if the choice is made to attempt to remedy your health via natural means, a doctor can provide important information on the progress of the chosen treatment. To learn more about colitis, visit us at

About the author:

For more information on ulcerative colitis visit


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