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Natural Hair Loss Remedy Discovered in Apples

from: David L. Kern

The news spread like lightning across the Internet...

In Japanese clinical trials, a safe, natural polyphenol compound from apples was proven to promote new hair growth in men with male pattern baldness.

In the first double-blind clinical study, 29 balding men were treated with the apple procyanidin solution. After 6 months, researchers reported that both vellus and terminal hair growth were "significantly greater" than placebo control group subjects.

(Vellus hairs are short hairs, only a centimeter or two long. The follicles that produce them never produce any other kind of hairs. Terminal hairs are the long hairs that grow on the head.)

Increased Number of Terminal Hairs

The next study involved 21 men in various stages of hereditary hair loss. After 12 months of topical treatment, researchers reported that "71% of subjects showed an increased number of hairs." They also noted "a clear trend towards increased number of non-vellus hairs."

A "Potential Cure" for Male Pattern Baldness

After 12 months of study, the scientists concluded that "procyanidin therapy shows promise as a potential cure for male pattern baldness."

In a third study of 29 balding men, this time for 4 months, 78.9% showed an increased mean value of hair diameter. Increased ratio of thicker hairs was "significantly higher" than placebo controls and the increase in the number of total hairs was "significantly greater."

200% Better Than Minoxidil

Seven different published studies now confirm the profound hair-growth promoting effects of apple procyanidins. In tests on human hair cells, apple chemicals proved twice as effective as minoxidil to promote hair growth. The apple extracts were also clearly superior to less potent grape and grape seed extracts.

Procyanidins Activate Hair Follicle Growth

The richest known source of procyanidin B-2 is the skins of immature (baby) green apples. Polyphenols from apples have an astonishing range of health effects, and may be nature's perfect antioxidant. Many people taking apple procyanidins in pill form notice faster hair growth, stronger fingernails, and softer, smoother skin.

In every study, apple procyanidins have proven completely safe for humans and animals. There is no toxicity, no irritation, and no side effects. This natural hair loss remedy may be nature's best option for millions of people who suffer from thinning hair, falling hair, and male pattern baldness. David L. Kern is a researcher and publisher of New Health & Longevity, a newsletter devoted to the latest advances in medical nutritional science. Get the full story on this new natural hair loss remedy now at

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